Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

When I think about thanksgiving, I think about spending the day with my family watching football and enjoying wonderful home cooked food.

Image by asterix611 via Flickr

The older I get, I’m realizing how important the Macy’s Day Parade is to alot of people’s Thanksgiving celebration. We never watched the parade when I was a kid so I did a little research on the parade to see what the big deal was.

 Did you know that the parade started in 1924 and it included floats, bands and live animals from the central park zoo? The live animals must have been a problem because in 1927 they were replaced by a large animal-shaped balloon. (Who was the first balloon in the macy’s parade?)  Mickey Mouse made his debut in 1934, and by then the parade was being broadcast on local New York radio. Listening to a parade??? And some of my friends think that football is boring!The parade was suspended from 1942-1944.(why?) In 1947 the movie Miracle on 34th street showed actual film footage of the parade and ever since it has been a mainstay of American culture.The following year and every year since the Parade has been nationally televised. The first female balloon character didn’t arrive on the parade route until 1982. (Who was she?)

After some really boring boring film footage of Willard Scott describing the time and energy it takes to put together a single float, I’ve decided that the Macy’s parade is just not for me. Let us give thanks for football!!! And that leads us to the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks for what makes our lives a little happier and giving a little ourselves to make others happier.
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                                         The first balloon was Felix the Cat
                                    The parade was suspended because of WWII
                          The first female balloon was Olive Oyl.  Olive Oyl really???

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