Spring is Here! 0

Spring is here!! PCC is offering Spring Carpet Cleaning Discounts. Schedule by 4/20/14. 2 rooms $85 3 rooms $88 4 rooms $109 5 rooms $125 6 rooms $139 7 rooms $155 8 rooms $169 9 rooms $189 And 10 rooms for $199

Allen County Memorial Coliseum

Home & Garden Show 0

It’s that time again! Though the weather outside isn’t delightful, the Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show 2014 is here. Look for us in booth 303. Come by and say HI and pick up great coupons for carpet cleaning. And you can have a kiss to, a candy kiss that is. The Home Show’s hours […]

April Fool’s Day Fun 0

As a kid, I can remember having lots of fun with practical jokes on April Fool’s Day. My cousins taught me a few. (Putting a rubber band on the spray nozzle of the sink so it sprays whomever turns it on. Putting plastic wrap over the toilet seat. Flour in the hairdryer.) As an adult, […]