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We can remove most red, orange, green and blue stains through a heat transfer system. Colored stains are most often caused by wine, food dyes, Kool-Aid and different inks. Call us to discuss your specific problem.

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September is Subliminal Marketing Month. It’s also National Honey (sticky carpet) Month, Little League Month (all that dirt) and Kid’s Good Manners Month. (“Mom, I’m very sorry that I spilled my spaghetti on the couch.) So remember, September doesn’t just mean back to school (clean while they aren’t in the way) it also mean’s National […]

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As a kid, all you had to do is yell “Hey Kool Aid” and a giant pitcher of Kool Aid came smashing through the wall. As a grown-up, when a giant pitcher of Kool Aid actually spills into your own home just remember… PCC can remove almost any flavor:) OH YEAH!!! We Provide Cleaning For: […]