Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is hard work!

Spring Cleaning on the River Teviot This Vacuu...
Spring Cleaning on the River Teviot This Vacuum Cleaner must have been washed up after the Snow melt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know how bad this vacuum cleaner performed, but before you throw out the carpet let PCC clean it. You will be amazed how clean your carpet can be. We can even remove most red, green, blue and yellow stains.  PCC can also clean your furniture! Loveseats, sofas and  your dining room chairs. Don’t stop there! We can clean your car and your Mancave carpet. (Garage floor )I don’t know how crazy you get with your spring cleaning, but we will help you clean your air! (air ducts that is)  Now is the best time to get your cleaning done. It’s not too hot and the kids are still in school. Call our office and schedule an appointment by June 19th and get 10% off your bill. Don’t wait !! June 20th is the first day of summer and the Spring Cleaning special will be over!  

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