April Fool’s Day Fun

Flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
Flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a kid, I can remember having lots of fun with practical jokes on April Fool’s Day. My cousins taught me a few. (Putting a rubber band on the spray nozzle of the sink so it sprays whomever turns it on. Putting plastic wrap over the toilet seat. Flour in the hairdryer.) As an adult, I look for funny things that aren’t such a pain to clean up. Instead of plastic wrap in the bathroom, try writing funny floating messages in the toilet. Take four connected sheets of toilet paper and write a funny message in permanent marker on the center two sheets. When you place the paper in the toilet let the message float on the water and the two end sheets will hold it in place when they touch the sides. I wrote several messages such as “What are you doing here?” or “Please don’t pee on me” and placed them in the bathroom throughout the day.
I’ve also had some fun with food. I served cup cakes for dinner. Cook your favorite meatloaf in foil muffin cups. Make mashed potatoes and divide them into three bowls. Tint one bowl with a little red food coloring to make the potatoes pink, then do the same with blue and green food coloring. When the meatloaf is baked, ice the meatloaf muffins with your potato frosting.  The kids couldn’t believe it when I placed a platter of cupcakes on the table for dinner.

If you’re feeling creative you can follow up dinner with meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dessert. To make the “meatloaf”, just make rice crispie treats with cocoa crispies and let it cool in a loaf pan. (I added a few chopped up red and green gummies to the mix to look like pieces of bell pepper.) When it cools, serve slices of “meatloaf” with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Dent the top of the ice cream scoop to make it look more like mashed potatoes and pour chocolate sauce over the top to look like gravy.

Whatever you come up with, just take a little time to have some fun on April Fool’s Day!

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